Why Massage Feels Good

Why massage is good for you

Have you heard or read of the great benefits of massage? Those who enjoy massage know they feel better afterward, and so they keep going back. However, many people don’t know why they don’t have the pain in their back or the stiffness in their neck after the massage. They just know it feels better and it works. If you know more about why it works, you can use that knowledge to get the most out of your massage. So I am going to explain why and how it works to make you feel better.

Our muscles have a naturally occurring chemical that flows through the tissue. When the muscle gets restricted due to a injury or repetitive stress, that chemical is not able to flow in and out of the muscle normally and gets trapped in place. When trapped, the chemical starts to build up and collect in the tissue until it forms into what most people refer to as a “knot”. In massage, we call the “knot” a trigger point. That trigger point will get bigger and bigger until it starts to push on the nerve receptors and cause local pain (or a referral pain to other areas of the body).

The massage therapist begins to work and warm up the tissue. These actions help to loosen the muscle, and allow the therapist to get deeper and find the trigger point and break it up. In most cases, after the trigger point is broken up, the pain and stiffness is gone after just one session of work. This allows increased mobility in the muscle, allowing the client to return to using the muscle normally, living life and enjoying everyday activities again. The client fells better and healthier.