What to Expect

Head MassageFor many, seeing a massage therapist for the first time can be stressful because they don’t know what to expect. We try to alleviate any concern by answering any questions you have before your visit. If your question or concern is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to call and ask us directly. We want you to relax and know you’ll be taken care of with the utmost professionalism and respect.

You Can Expect

  • A FULL sixty minutes of hand-on massage work (Or longer if that’s the time you book)
  • In-office and mobile massage services (we can come to you!)
  • A wide range of relaxing music selections based on client tastes and preferences
  • A personalized massage session, based on your tastes and preferences
  • You rest on Earthlite therapy massages tables, professionally made from eco-friendly hardwoods that offer the best support
  • Comfortable clean sheets for your massage session that are triple-washed
  • The latest massage tools and equipment to improve your massage experience
  • Our Guarantee: We promise to be on time every time for your session or, we will offer you additional minutes to your session for every minute late!


Frequently asked Question and Answers

Q:“Do I have to take off all my clothes?”

A: At AMATR we always advise undressing to your comfort level. This can cause anxiety for some people. We want our clients to be relaxed, so this decision is up to you.

Q: “I’ve never had a massage before; what do I do?”

A: At AMATR, your massage therapist will advise you that after they have stepped out of the therapy room, to undress to your comfort level and then lay face down under the sheet and blanket.

Q: “Why does this muscle hurt?”

A: Our muscles hurt for several reasons. The most common issue for muscle soreness is repetitive stress on the muscle (such as playing tennis or vacuuming) or long periods of time in one position (such as driving or sitting at a desk). Over time, lactic acid builds in the muscles and they can lock or become rigid. Muscle pain is an indicator that the mucsle needs to relax and repair any stiffness or damage.