Massage and Sports

massage and sportsMassage and sports have gone together for many years now. We know that massage can be an important part of health and training for both the serious career athlete, and the weekend sports enthusiast. Whether you use Sport Massage to prepare for a big game or event, recover from that same big game or event, or to increase your health, flexibility, and resilience during training, massage has a place in your sports routine.

Massage for athletes can be focused on a particular body part to help prepare for or recover from a major exertion, or it can be used as a tool to increase relaxation, resilience, flexibility, range of motion, to decrease the effects of rigorous training.

Professional athletes have long used massage therapists during all three stages of sport; training, preparation, and recovery. Weekend athletes are catching onto the benefits of massage therapy for their own needs, now, and Massage has never been more popular for amateur athletes participating in a wide variety of evening and weekend sports:

  • Golfers and tennis players use it to reduce and resolve back and shoulder pain and stiffness
  • Runners use it to increase their ability to train hard for weekend races
  • Hikers and walkers use massage to recover from muscle and joint injuries sustained on the trail
  • Volleyball enthusiasts use it to prepare for, or recover from, tournament play
  • Bowlers use it to treat arm, back, and shoulder flexibility and range-of-motion

All amateur athletes can benefit from the relaxation, flexibility, and increased circulation of blood and lymph to those targeted areas that need help when training, or to prepare for or recover from participation in their favorite sports.

Consider massage to give you an edge in training, boost your body’s preparedness, and to recover from an event you loved participating in…but may have left your body feeling sore, tired, or overworked.