How Often Should I Get a Massage?

Daily OrganizerI see many different clients on a daily basis. Every week a couple of new clients will join our practice. Some that don’t get massages very often or that have never had a massage before. The question is always the same.

“How often should I get massage?”

Even though the question is always the same the answer is very different. I will tell them first, Whenever you feel pain or discomfort, especially if you have had it for 2-3 days or longer.” Some acute injuries can really be helped with massage. However there are some situations that also contraindicate massage or hinder the client’s recovery depending on the nature of the injury. When a new client comes in for the first time and is experiencing discomfort, I will usually recommend twice a week to once every two weeks to help attack the issue. Once we get it under control, once a month is a great way to maintain a great plan for healthy living. At our practice we have regular clients that come as much as once a week, every two weeks and once a month. But my recommendation is at the very least once a month for a steady health maintenance plan.

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