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homework-exercisesYour Massage Therapist or Chiropractor may prescribe home care exercises, in addition stretches and simple movements, for you to do between your appointments or for a certain amount of time following your final adjustment. It’s important to follow through with these homework assignments to help you heal and maintain proper joint health and/or spinal alignment.

Just like in school, the homework your health care professional assigns builds into something bigger and better. Many times, these are simple changes or tasks that can seem simple or unimportant, but these homework assignments can offer you multiple health benefits:

  • Replacing worn shoes or orthotics can help protect your spine from more painful subluxations
  • Sitting with proper support can protect your spine and neck, and reduce stress and pain
  • Sleeping with proper spinal support can help you get more restorative sleep and prevent pain
  • Gentle stretches and other movements can help maintain the benefits of massage long after your appointment
  • Getting adequate sleep can help reduce your daily stress, reducing muscle tension, headaches, and other painful side effects of stress and exhaustion

Other homework tasks can:

  • Decrease your chances of future injury or re-injury
  • Improve range of motion and comfort of spine and joints
  • Increase your ability to perform daily tasks and exercise without pain, increasing quality of life
  • Maintain or improve your overall health and wellness

You may find it helpful to use a calendar or notebook to track your progress, and to ensure that you remember to follow through with your homework. This can also help you keep track of any questions or concerns that may arise as you do them.

In this age of high-tech, many patients program a reminder into their phones or computers, so they don’t forget. Those devices can also be used to note those questions or concerns you want to bring to your next appointment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the homework, or if your questions or concerns become urgent between appointments. Your health and peace of mind are important to us!

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