Drink Your Water

Girl And GlassDo you ever wonder why it’s so important to drink water after a massage? It’s pretty simple. Besides water being healthy for you, it has a lot to do with water helping to flush your system. You see when you get a massage your muscles release a chemical into your body. It’s the same chemical that helps you to feel and register pain. It’s called metabolic waste. So if you get massage, especially deep tissue massage and don’t drink your water afterwards, you can experience fatigue, achiness, fever, and even cramping. Clients will often ask how much should I drink? Well I usually tell them if you already get a good daily amount then I suggest 2-3 glasses. However if you’re like the millions of most Americans that don’t get enough then I would suggest at least 4-5 glasses throughout the rest of the day after the massage. Hate drinking water? Well as long as it’s not sugary, alcohol or coffee then it’s a pretty safe bet to help with flushing your system. An unsweetened natural brewed iced tea is a great substitute. So remember keep enjoying your massage and, as always, drink up!

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